SCUBA – Medical Problems

Seasonal Awareness Spring 2024, SCUBA Emergencies

Peter Paramedic giving the OK sign while diving
Eyes following diving mask squeeze
Mask squeeze – BSAC
Mask squeeze – Gooddive
Peter with his head above water while diving
Peter Symons

Peter is an Alberta ACP with 40 years of experience delivering a combination of both Educational and EMS services. He received the Medal for Exemplary Service EMS in 2005 (with bar in 2015). His varied background ranges from military medic to ski patroller to owner of the Jasper Ambulance service in the days of private ambulance in Alberta. He worked as an instructor in Prehospital Care at Portage College training EMTs for 5 years. Peter teaches ACLS, ACLS-EP and ITLS courses and is an Instructor Trainer for those courses. He also qualified as an AWLS Instructor.  Peter’s entire career as an ACP was spent in the mountain parks both, in Jasper and Banff. Peter was a contributor and Subject Matter Expert for the HSFC First Aid textbook and ITLS Duty to Respond text. His passions are cycling, ocean kayaking and international travel. Peter qualified as a SCUBA diver in 1971 and has been enjoying a return to the sport since 2020.