Become an ITLS Instructor

Choose the level of Provider certification

You can become an instructor at the level you are elegible to be trained at. BLS providers can become BLS Basic providers and Instructors. ALS providers can become ITLS Advanced Instructors.

Current ITLS Provider with “Instructor Potential” recommendation

To acheive “Instructor Potential the following conditions must be met on your last ITLS Provider certification,

  • Greater than 86% on the Written Exam.
  • Excellent rating on the Patient Assessment Practical Exam..

Complete the Instructor Course Online Component

This is an 8 module online course built on a foundation of Adult Educational Principles

Attend a Face to Face Instructor course

Here you will review and practice ITLS instruction by facilitating skill stations, administering testing procedures, and evaluating student performance. 

Be monitored teaching a full ITLS Provider course

Here you will be monitored by teaching a lecture(s), facilitating a skill station and participating in testing stations.

Receive your Instructor Certification

Upon completion of all components  and fees you will be a certified ITLS instructor