What course is right for you?

ITLS offers a number of trauma care courses to meet every responders needs, First responders, Paramedics, Military Medics, Emergency Nurses and physicians, and any one who responds to an emergency. Click the pictures for more information.

 ITLS Provider Course With its comprehensive approach to core knowledge and skills, ITLS Provider is appropriate for all levels of EMS personnel—from EMR’s and first responders to Advanced Care Paramedics, trauma nurses, and physicians. 

ITLS Text and computer for eTrauma course

ITLS eTrauma Blended This is part 1 of a blended provider course. eTrauma takes the lecture component of the ITLS course and puts it online giving the participant more personal flexibility.

Star of Life

ITLS Completer Day This course is part 2 of the eTrauma, providing the student with the skills and scenario practice for an interactive day.

Duty to Respond book cover

ITLS Duty to Respond For first responders who have a duty to respond to manage a trauma emergency until EMS arrives

Star of Life

ITLS Refresher For experienced providers to recertify their provider status without completing the whole provider course.

ITLS Access Book Cover

ITLS Access This course provides training in basic access tools for entrapped patients with an emphesis on provision of trauma care throughout.

Pediatric ITLS Pediatric ITLS focuses on our youngest patients. Along with assessment and interventions, Pediatric ITLS includes how to communicate with these patients and their parents/caregivers.

Star of Life

ITLS Instructor ITLS Providers who have shown exceptional skill and knowledge they may become an ITLS instructor. This course is provided to teach participants how to teach adults the concepts of the ITLS Provider course. For up to date information contact the local chapter. 

Military ITLS training session

ITLS High Threat Based on CoTCCC and CTECC guidelines, this course is for military, law enforcement and TEMS responders who may be providing trauma care while under fire.